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Curtis France, created in 1979, is a major subsidiary in Europe for the sale and service of products developed by Curtis Instruments. From the Paris region, we supply advanced control systems for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as for off-road vehicles of all types used in numerous industrial sectors. We supply to you, OEM clients, assistance in system design, and integration of high-quality solutions, as well as complete product support either at our facilities or directly at your site. 

Parallel to this hi-tech control system technology, Curtis SAS is one of the principal suppliers of LED or Xenon light signaling technology solutions. Our wide range of signaling devices is utilized on all types of industrial vehicles, electric or not, such as forklifts of airport vehicles, including aerial platforms, cranes and fleets of utility vehicles.

Thus, if you are considering electric vehicles or industrial equipment, for use on roads or not, that you would use simply every day or even for making a big change in your business, please contact Curtis France – we will make sure it is the best and the safest!

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